Tui & Boyd - Boyd's Family Farm, Babinda QLD


After the wedding I asked Tui why having photos of her breast-feeding their daughter Frankie was meaningful to her.

“It was important to me that in the process of getting married, I wasn’t being a person that I’m not usually

It’s just one day in the whole of my life, and to that end I never felt like a “bride” or, now that I think about it, even referred to it as “my wedding”, always “the wedding”, as an event for everybody to enjoy and be part of, not just for me or me and Boyd. That’s why I particularly like that you were there the day before the wedding, and the photos of everyone setting up and being together. I love that those are the start photos rather than starting with fancy dress pics or champagne in robes or whatever. There’s a lot of set up and backstory that goes into a relationship and a wedding, and no wedding can be completely just about two people because everybody is shaped by their relationships with the people around them - especially in our situation where we already have kids and a family, and the focus can never be just on us (which is how I prefer it, actually).

It’s nice to go into a marriage not promising to be something that we’re not, or trying to be a lofty, unattainable version of ourselves. It’s nice to feel like you’re enough just as you are.

I am a breastfeeding mum. That’s what I spend a lot of my time doing, and it’s a relationship I have with my children that’s very special to me. It’s a huge thing to make a person and then also keep them alive just with your body. That’s what I am and what I do every other day, and I wasn’t going to change that just to get married. It’s also such a normal and everyday thing that it’s not necessarily something that gets documented, and in years to come when your kids grow up and stop feeding from you, it’s not necessarily something you always have a lot of photos to look back on.” - Tui.



Celebrant: Tammy Barker

HMUA: Cherie King from Hair Gallery Cairns

Music: Dazz & the boyz; MJ the DJ

Tents: Little Bohemian Dream + The Collection Co

Fireworks: Xplosive Art

Jack Jones