Ivan & Sanja - The Rex Hotel, ACT

If you’re looking for a way to make your wedding more fun I’d recommend jam-packing it full of Croatian traditions. Sanja and Ivan are both proud of their culture and did not hold back on their wedding day. From the huge Croatian flags, the flares, the selling of the bride, the shots of rakija all day and the circle dancing all night, they truly made it a party for everyone.

Their bridal party really brought the energy all day as well. From a photography point of view, a big part of the feel of the photos on the day comes down to the nature of the people in your bridal party. If they’re party people (like Ivan and Sanja’s) you’re going to get some pretty unique shots, for example the shot of the maid of honour with her finger in Sanja’s mouth.

I loved spending the day with these guys, they wanted to have an awesome time so they made it happen. Not with money or over the top organisation but with love, patience and positivity.

Amy Travers