Fiona & Phil – Kimo Estate, NSW

Fee and Phil met accidentally on the way to the same party in Bondi. Fee mistook Phil for someone she knew, snuck up on him, grabbed him and kissed him. Naturally Phil was quite shocked that this girl he didn’t know was suddenly smooching him on the street but was also taken aback by her embarrassed smile afterwards.

Fiona and Phil’s wedding really opened my eyes to something that I believe in very strongly now. If you approach the challenges and changes of life with love and not fear, you make everyone’s lives better. These two are truly shining examples of this. The whole day through Fee and Phil, their families, their guests, were all laughing, having fun and just enjoying a wonderful day in a wonderful place. No stress, just smiles.

The amount of love surrounding these two is clear, I’ve never seen so many tears at a wedding before.

Amy Travers