Jack Jones Photographer

A little about Jack

Frequently (and maybe not so frequently) asked questions


Who is this guy?

In a few words: An open, positive, easy-going photography nerd. 

Why did he choose to be a photographer?

I think we all want to be great at something in our lives, and to become truly great at anything you have to love it – and I know that I love telling stories with photos. 

I started taking photos when I was 14 as a way to remind myself of all the great memories I’d made during the school holidays. The hobby stuck and I’m still doing it now, just for other people too.

Why weddings?

For me, weddings show what’s best about life (and I’m not just talking about my killer dance moves that only seem to come out at wedding receptions). I’ve always been a people person, and have found the greatest honour is seeing people be with their loved ones and showing who they really are. There’s just something magical about meeting two complete strangers and being invited to witness one of the most important days of their lives. That’s what I do for a living, and I love it.

Why should we go with Jack?

I want you to enjoy your day. I’m someone who always wants to bring positivity and joy to whatever I do and I want to bring that to weddings. To me, a wedding is a time in your life when you get to see how much love and care is around you, and I want to be able to capture that.

Why do I want you to enjoy your day? Firstly, because it’s a day that should be enjoyed. Secondly, because when you truly are having a great day, the photos look awesome.